On this episode of The Garden Gurus, Nigel Ruck is reviewing Rover Mini Rider Hydro

Read all about the small but great Mini Rider Hydro from Rover, and see Nigel's thoughts in the video below.

Small but mighty
Want to have the experience of a ride on but think you have too small of a property? 

Our Rover Mini Rider Hydro is the perfect ride on lawn mower for those with 1/4 acre or more. It is small enough to get through those narrow area making sure you get all of your grass trimmed without missing a spot.
We've engineered the Mini Rider for an easy and smooth drive, with an automatic foot-operated hydrostatic transmission. Meaning no tricks to get your mower started.
One of our favourite features is the telescopic steering wheel, which allows you to adjust the steering height to your level for a more comfortable ride.

Most importantly, the powerful 382cc engine is built to last and provides a clean performance every single ride.






Easy to manage


Taking care of the Mini Rider is as easy as driving it.
Keeping it clean is simple, with the built in deck wash. This helps clear out any debris on the cutting deck, keeping it in the best condition giving you a clean and crisp cut everytime.

An optional mulch kit is also available. 
Mulch mowing can help benefit your lawn, by spreading the clipping across the grass providing nutrients, as well as reducing evaporation and erosion.
Helping your grass grow lush and healthy so you can
spend more time on your ride on. 

Mulch cutting isn't for you? 
You can also purchase a catcher. By catching your clippings, you can reduce the thatch build-up so you can end up with a nice and clean-looking lawn.


Taking up simiar shed space to a standard walk behind lawn mower, and fitting easily through a standard width gate, there's no excuse not to mow the easy way with a Rover Mini Rider Hydro.




Check out Nigel's thoughts on the Rover Mini Rider Hydro ride on mower.