Mowing Tips

Tips for lawn mowing

Mowing your lawn promotes growth and keeps it looking fresh and green. Don’t mow when the grass is wet as it clogs your mower. The clippings tend to clump and you end up with an uneven cut.

Remember, mow regularly. Match your lawn height to the anticipated wear. If expecting longer use of your lawn area keep it slightly longer and mow shorter for if less wear is expected. Each turf variety thrives on different frequency of mowing, a good thing to remember is never mow more than one third of the grass height at any one time.

Did you know? Rover self-mulching mowers return organic matter to the soil, helping to maintain a healthy lawn. Sharp mower blades cut the grass cleaner and help reduce disease and shorten your mowing time.

Tips for performing detail work

Line Trimmers are great for detai work around your garden, safety gear is essential, long pants or ankle coverings, as well as protective eye and ear wear are reccomended.

Check for stones and other dangerous objects before mowing or performing detail work. Be careful not to ringbark trees when performing detailed work around them.

Line Trimmers have differing power outputs (2 and 4-stroke) and shaft angles (straight or curved) depending on your application, some are attachment capable, meaning less storage space is required.