Rover Watering Tips

Be careful not to overwater as not only is it a waste but also can cause fungus to grow if air can’t get to the root system. Most grass varieties need to be watered at least once a week. If your lawn requires more, due to hot weather, it will let you know it’s thirsty by changing colour. 

Watering early in the morning is more efficient. The water will sink through the grass rather than evaporate in the heat of the day.

Don’t just water the weeds! By watering deeply you’ll penetrate the root zone, encouraging deep root growth.

Unsure if your lawn needs more water? Try the footprint test. Walk along the grass. If your footprints stay, it’s time to bring out the hose. Lawn will only have footprints when there are low levels of water in the blades, allowing the grass to be compressed by your weight.

Our second video features WA Lawn Addict Nick Clayton. 

Nick talks about the importance of watering and his "Little and Often" mowing technique, for keeping grass in fantastic condition all year around.  Judging by Nick's immaculate lawn we think he may be onto something!

Click the video to see the the full chat.