Seasonally, your lawn has varying needs particularly in the southern states of Australia where climate varies more dramatically. As the season changes make sure you do your research to discover the best products to either start a new lawn or maintain and improve your existing lawn.

Autumn: Preparing your lawn for winter

Work done in Autumn, will set your lawn up for the Autumn, Winter Spring transition, raise your mowing height around mid to late Autumn to ensure a larger leaf surface area. A quick check of your mowing height and the security and sharpness of the blades is good practice, particularly if your Mower is being used for the first time in a while. Mow from the outside in, in a clockwise direction, this throws any additional debris to the inside, to be picked up by the catcher later, overlapping your cut slightly will ensure an even cut and no missed sections of lawn.

Spring, the time to tidy up sow new lawn seed and fertilise before the summer heat

It is time to lower your mowing heights, get rid of unwanted weeds and have a general tidy up, eliminating winter grass and any weeds that have generated over winter.

Now is also a good time to establish a new lawn. Make sure you do some thorough research to find the right seed for your region and climate. Get your lawn looking it's best by over-seeding any bare areas that are sparse after the winter. Over-seeding is an easy and effective way to promote denser lawn cover.

Summer – Enjoy your lawn but ensure it survives the hot months

It is best to water your lawn for longer periods, with less frequency. This allows the water to penetrate effectively, which means moisture gets down deeper and promotes greater root depth. Lawns can be grown now and is the time to plant Couch and Kikuyu as they need soil temps 25 degrees and above. These varieties will withstand the summer heat once established. Raise your mowing height to relieve turf of stress in the midst of summer as longer grass length means your lawn holds more moisture and can withstand the heat of summer better.