Rover's industry-leading 5 + 5 domestic engine and deck warranty.

At Rover, we believe in the performance and durability in our range of products. With features like the industry leading 1.8mm deck thickness on our steel deck lawn mowers, our products are built to last.

We are so confident in the strength of our products that we offer a 5 year*, domestic use unit warranty so you can enjoy your Rover for years to come.

Our belief continues thorugh to our Rover engines that give you both a powerful performance and added peace of mind with a 5 year, domestic use warranty.

Rover's garden products are also built to last. With a range of tough log splitters, versatile chipper shredders and chipper shredder vacuums, as well as our hard working tillers for those hard ground breaking jobs, Rover seasonal equipment is there for you all year round.

For more information on our 5 year warranty, contact your local Rover dealer.

*5 year, domestic use unit warranty excludes the Rover handheld range. 5 year, domestic use engine warranty excludes the Rover Cylinder Mower Range (features a 2 year, domestic use warranty). 5 year, domestic use engine warranty excludes the Rover Endeavour sold exclusivley at Costco (features a 2 year, domestic use warranty). Non-Rover engine warranties are 2 years, domestic use and are set by the manufacturer.

To view our 5 part, How We're Built series, head to the Rover YouTube page at www.youtube.com/roveraustralia

MTD Waranty Statement.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

MTD Products Australia Pty Ltd warrants to the original retail purchaser subject to the following conditions and limitations: that the purchased Rover product and engine is free from defects in material or workmanship. It excludes wear and tear, or any damage caused by misuse or abuse. The warranty period commences upon the date of the original retail purchase and shall apply for the nominated period from the date of purchase.

The warranty also excludes fair wear and tear and any damage caused by misuse or abuse. Parts such as blades, bump knobs, outer spools, cutting line, inner reels, starter pulleys, starter ropes, drive belts, saw blades, guide bars, cultivator tines, spark plugs, carburettor adjustments and filters, which can be subjected to use beyond their normal intended working capacity, are also excluded.

For further information on warranties and full terms and conditions, contact an authorised Rover Servicing Partner here.