Mower Maintenance

An important, but often forgotten aspect of mowing is taking the time to give your hardworking unit the TLC it deserves. 

Start with the oil! Oil is famous for collecting all manner of debris as it gets older. Dirt, dust, and collections of nastiness will be sucked into the inner workings of the engine and cause easily-avoidable damage to your mower. 

Reduce the risk of this by regularly checking your engine oil and replacing it with new oil when you spot flecks of dirt on your mower's dipstick.


Blades are the make or break of a mower's performance. When they go unchecked and unloved after continuous mowing, they bludgeon the grass leaf and create unsightly splits that are distinctively noticeable!

Freely inviting grass infections. Check the blades regularly and sharpen them when required to maintain that masterfully manicured lawn!


Air filters are also components that need to be regularly checked to ensure optimal airflow. Luckily with Rover mowers, these are easily accessible and can be simply popped off the side of the mower. Tapping out the debris will normally remove any typical build-up, but over time you'll want to give your wheeled mate a brand new one to make sure it stays functional.


Last but not least! Your fuel and spark plug.

Older fuel is harder for an engine to use and can damage the engine so it's best practice to let your mower run its reservoir dry before storing it for long periods (e.g end of autumn) so that way when it's next needed, you're giving it a healthy drink of new fuel.

Spark plugs will gradually lose their efficacy over time much like the air filter. You might notice that your mower is having difficulty starting or using more fuel than normal. If it's looking a bit battered, it's likely time for a new one.


Getting your mower serviced once per year is the best way to keep your mower living longest and performing at its best! 

Make sure you call into your nearest Rover dealer to keep the gardener's best friend at the top of its game.