Depending on the size of your yard, the length of your grass, and how often you mow, you may have questions about mulching and what it can do for your lawn. While there are benefits to both mulching and catching, knowing when to do each is the biggest challenge. Along with Nigel of The Garden Gurus, we take you through the best ways to keep your lawn tidy and healthy, and how to maintain your mower too.


When to Mulch

Using the mulch plug on your mower can offer your lawn a lot of nutritional benefits, but it can also cause some issues for your lawn if you aren't careful. Mulching is best when your lawn doesn't need a big cut. These fine clippings will create a nice insulation for your lawn, locking in moisture and breaking down to provide extra nutrients. Mulching longer grass can cause build up in your mower and overwhelm your lawn, preventing it to grow as strongly.

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When to Catch

If your grass is long, it is recommended to use a catcher to prevent clumping and build up in your mower blades and across your lawn. Using a catcher with a fill indicator is a great time saver and takes away the guessing game. If you're battling weeds in your lawn, it is best to use a catcher to prevent spreading the weeds and seeds throughout the lawn and creating even bigger issues for yourself.

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