Whether you have a small yard or a two acre property, there is a walk behind mower in the Rover range to meet your needs. Here we take you through the range so you can find what will work best for you.

400 Series Walk Behind Mowers

Perfect for small yards, the 400 Series features small but powerful mowers that can easily navigate around obstacles and through tight spaces. These 18 inch mowers store away in even the smallest garden shed. Plus, with cut, mulch and catch options in the range, you can take care of your lawn in every season.

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Duracut 400 Series

800 Series Walk Behind Mowers

Stepping up the engine, mow properties up to 1/4 acre with this 18 inch machine. Still easy to store away in the shed, mow around obstacles or squeeze through the side gate, but with a more powerful engine to tackle larger spaces and tougher conditions. Plus, with the mulch kit and catcher you'll be well prepared to keep your lawn tidy and healthy.

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Duracut 800 Series

900 Series Walk Behind Mowers

With an even larger engine, this series can tackle up to two acres and even tougher conditions. Plus, with a larger fuel tank, you can mow longer between refills. This 21 inch machine makes larger jobs easy and with the mulch kit and catcher, you'll get the premium cut every time.

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Duracut 900 Series

Self-Propelled Walk Behind Mowers

Perfect for those who want a little extra help when they mow, the Rover self-propelled mowers do just that. The Rover 955 SP features a larger fuel tank and engine to tackle up to two acres with ease. Plus, the machine sets the pace so you can rest easy after a long day of gardening. 

Rover's 855MS features MySpeed technology which is perfect for users of any skill level. Great for beginners or mature gardeners alike - the mower matches your pace, any speed you find most comfortable. Plus with a mulch kit and catcher with a fill indicator, you can take the guess work out of mowing your lawn. 

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Self-Propelled Lawn Mower